Cardi B Films Herself Getting Her Vagina Skin-Bleached

While the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker doesn't condone skin bleaching generally, she reveals that she gives an exception for some specific body parts 'like underarm, or like your vagina.'

AceShowbiz - Cardi B spends the quarantine time to spoil herself and that included getting her private area bleached and her lips waxed. Unsurprisingly, the Grammy-winning raptress documented the process for her Instagram followers to see.

In a Monday, July 6 video on the photo-sharing site, Cardi filmed her legs as she lied down to get vagina bleaching as well as a lip wax. "I am bleaching my f***ing cootie cat," the 27-year-old musician told her 70 million followers. "I'm in my crib getting my vagina bleached, my underarm bleached, because you know sometimes we just quick shave and everything and it gets your vagina just a little bit dark and everything."

While she didn't condone skin bleaching generally, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper gave an exception for some specific body parts. "I don't believe in body bleaching, I just believe in like underarm, or like your vagina, maybe your a**hole," the "I Like It" star added. "I like my brown a**hole. But yeah like totally I'm getting my vagina bleached."

Before getting her top lip waxed, the "Bronx" rapper took a break to go shopping for turkey drums. Showing off the painful process in a clip, the wife of Offset could be heard cringing and screaming. She also flaunted her chest piercings.

Prior to this, Cardi took to her account to share a series of videos that documented her getting two dermal piercings in her chest and one labret piercing below her lip. Her first post captured her at home preparing herself mentally before getting her sternum pierced.

Accompanied by her husband Offset who held her hand throughout the process, the "Please Me" raptress could be heard stating at one point, "I don't even know why I'm agreeing to this." When she panicked, the man in charge of the piercing told her, "I don't wanna mess this up on you - I want this to look good. You can handle this, I promise."

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