London On Da Track's Baby Mama Shows Receipt That He's Father of Her Child

Sharing a picture of DNA test results, social media influencer Dayira Jones a.k.a. Dayybella says it's 'so sad' that court has to be involved to 'make a man step up and be a father.'

AceShowbiz - London On Da Track has no reason to doubt the paternity of his child. The rapper/record producer has been proven to be a father to a 1-year-old boy from his past relationship with Dayira Jones a.k.a. Dayybella.

On Saturday, July 4, Dayira posted on her Instagram Stories a picture of DNA test results that determine London is the father of her son. She circled London's government name, London Holmes, which is listed as the "alleged father," with the "probability of paternity" being 99.9%, according to the photo.

Expressing her frustration over London's doubt, Dayira captioned the snap, "It was never a doubt." She went on lamenting, "So sad it had to come to this. No court should have to be involve to make a man step up & be a father."

The results of the paternity test came out after it was reported that London had not only requested a paternity test to prove whether or not he was really the baby's father, but he also tried to impose a gag order on Dayira in an attempt to prevent her from making disparaging comments about him.

According to court papers obtained by Bossip, he also demanded that, if the baby is proven his child, he's given joint physical custody of the baby. The 29-year-old, who is currently in a relationship with Summer Walker, requested that Dayira also pays child support towards the baby and for the exes to split the child's uninsured medical costs down the middle.

London has not responded to the results of the DNA test. He is also a father to a daughter from his ex Eboni Ivorii. Back in October 2019, Summer was beefing with his ex Eboni after the singer attended a birthday party that was thrown by London for his daughter. Eboni posted on social media, "I told your weird a** to stay away from my daughter. We have no business to discuss... Why don't yu hv your own baby and stay tf away from mine?"

The "Playing Games" hitmaker then clapped back as writing, "Yo I will fly your broke a** out to come sit and talk to me face to face like a WOMAN. Your obsessed with me, all you do is talk ABOUT ME, come talk TO ME." She claimed, "I been wanting to take you to dinner cause I have NO issue with you. Like I've literally done NOTHING to you," and accused Eboni of "clout chasing."

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