Boy George Snaps at Radio Host: I Don't Need Reintroduction Because I'm Famous
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The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker loses his cool during a live interview with an Australian radio station as he feels insulted by the host's reintroduction of him.

AceShowbiz - Boy George hung up on Australian breakfast radio host, Neil Breen, on Friday (03Jul20) morning during a live interview.

The 59-year-old Culture Club frontman is hugely successful in the country and currently serves as a coach on "The Voice" alongside Kelly Rowland, Guy Sebastian, and Delta Goodrem.

However, when Neil described George as "bigger than a big deal here in Australia" while playing his hit "Karma Chameleon" in the background, the star was less-than-impressed.

As Neil confessed he was feeling "a bit nervous" about getting to talk to his teenage idol, George snapped, "Well, especially after that terrible comment about my music. I mean, there's about 10 records you missed, which were huge, massive hits."

The British singer then rattled off a list of some of his other popular songs before saying, "I mean, please," as Neil insisted, "We know how big you were. You were big in my house..."

"No, no, please don't talk about me like I'm in past context," the "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" star fired. "It's really insulting... You're reintroducing me, someone who's been on national TV in Australia for the last four years. You don't need to reintroduce me. I'm on TV. Everybody knows who I am."

The stunned radio presenter told George it was "just a bit of fun" as he urged him not to take his introduction so seriously, but it was too late, as he'd already cut off the call.

Taking to Twitter after the incident, the singer explained the incident, writing, "Apparently I still need to be reintroduced to the Australian public. I must get a bigger hat! Just did one of the 'dark ages' radio interviews that ended with me hanging up!"

On his own account, Neil maintained he was merely "trying to tell George how much I liked him," but brushed the scuffle off as "hilarious."

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