Penn Badgley Finds It Uncomfortable Watching Himself on 'Gossip Girl'
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The Dan Humphrey depicter opens up on his experience of experimenting with drugs during his younger years and reveals he didn't enjoy watching himself on 'Gossip Girl'.

AceShowbiz - Actor Penn Badgley has opened up about experimenting with drugs in his youth.

The 33-year-old spoke with his former "Gossip Girl" co-star Chace Crawford for an interview with Variety where, among other topics, the pair touched on dabbling in hallucinogenics.

The topic of conversation arose as the pair talked about the LSD trip taken by Penn's character in season two of "You".

"On the LSD trip, did you do some research?" Chace asked. "Your performance was amazing."

Penn admitted, "In my early 20s, I did plenty of research."

Despite speaking candidly of his experiences, Penn hinted he wasn't in the best headspace at the time and called revisiting his classic series, which also starred Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, with his wife, Domino Kirke, "very hard to watch."

"It must've been six months after we met," he said of the last time he saw the show. "She had never seen it, and that's the last time I can remember seeing an episode."

"These snapshots of yourself when you're 20, 21, 22 years old. Who can enjoy that? Sometimes it's just uncomfortable," he added.

The popular teen drama is to be revived for the HBO Max streaming service, with its premiere pushed back to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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