Chris Brown Invites Barack Obama to 'Set Up a March for Change'

In his now-deleted post on Instagram, the 'No Guidance' singer tells the former President of the United States his plan to set up a 'march for a change' amid BLM movement.

AceShowbiz - Chris Brown has something to say to former President Barack Obama and he doesn't hesitate to reach out to him personally. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the "No Guidance" singer shared a screenshot of him sliding into Barack's DM to ask him to join the revolution against racism.

In the picture which was shared on Monday, June 29, the R&B singer told Barack his plan to set up a "march for a change." He said, "LETS SET UP A MARCH FRO CHANGE.... THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE BEHIND YOU... I DONT KNOW U PERSONALLY BUT WE HAVE THE SAME HEART, BRAIN, AND POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.... NO PUBLICITY STUNTS... A REAL MARCH... WE HAVE TO START A SMART,LOVING, compassionate REVOLUTION."

Meanwhile, in the caption, the "Loyal" hitmaker hinted that sending the former president a DM was worth to try. "U miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take," Breezy said. "IM STRIVING FOR REAL PEACE, REAL UNDERSTANDING, this dm may go unnoticed but I want us all to be able to shift the balance with so much love that no ones life is 'useless' or 'LOOKED OVER' (Ignored) #BLM."

Fans, however, weren't impressed as some were criticizing Chris for spelling errors and the message format that sounded too informal considering he was sending a message to a prominent figure. "My guy you need to address the president in a more presidential manner if you even want him to acknowledge your message," a fan wrote in an Instagram comment.

"spell check before you message the president 2nd. Yall not the same he doesn't hit women 3rd. You're 'light skin black' remember so make sure you chant that too," another fan added.

Some others brought the colorism controversy surrounding Chris into the conversation. "Coming from the same ngga that won't let dark skin women in his section. The jokes," a hater wrote, with someone else adding, "Stop disrespecting Black women first. Whew the crack jumped out."

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