Jeezy Says Baby Mama's Child Support Lawsuit Is Fueled by Jealousy Over Engagement to Jeannie Mai

The 'I Luv It' rapper claps back at his ex-fiancee Mahlet 'Mahi' Gebremedhin after she accused him of failing to pay child support, claiming that she has suffered 'manic fits' where she's threatened to kill him.

AceShowbiz - Jeezy a.k.a. Young Jeezy's child support battle with his baby mama Mahlet "Mahi" Gebremedhin has turned ugly. After Mahi accused the rapper of falling behind on his April 2020 child support and not fulfilling his promise to purchase a new car, he hit black by claiming that her filing was driven by jealousy.

In court documents obtained by Bossip, the 42-year-old said that Mahi's filing was "a vindictive and malevolent response" designed to distress him after she learned about his engagement to Jeannie Mai. He claimed that his ex-fiancee was still livid their relationship was over and filed motions for contempt against him as means of harassment.

Mahi wanted to send the Columbia-born artist to jail for defaulting on payments accumulating to $10,057 with interest. She also accused him of failing to enroll in a co-parenting app for their communications and failing to secure life insurance for their six-year-old daughter, but Jeezy insisted that under the terms of their court order, he didn't have to pay child support for April 2020.

Jeezy also accused Mahi of suffering "manic fits" where she's threatened to kill him. He claimed that he fears for her emotional safety and the safety of his daughter due to her emotional state. The former member of Boyz n da Hood went on claiming he's given Mahi over $140,000 in the last 10 weeks and has allowed her and their daughter Amra to stay in one of his Atlanta properties rent free. He also provided her with a half-a- million dollars for a trucking business that never got off the ground.

As for his promise to buy Mahi a new car, Jeezy said that she asked for a car that was above the agreed upon $30,000 budget. He claimed she had previously totaled a Range Rover, worth over $100,000. In the end he conceded to her request and gave her the money.

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