LisaRaye McCoy Continues to Be Unbothered by Nicki Minaj's 'TROLLZ' Shade: 'It's a Good Thing'

Discussing the matter on 'Out Loud with Claudia Jordan', LisaRaye shares, 'My things is, I didn't know I was that relevant to be put in a song, but that's a good thing.'

AceShowbiz - LisaRaye McCoy couldn't be more care less about being dissed by Nicki Minaj on her latest song "TROLLZ" featuring 6ix9ine. In a recent episode of "Out Loud with Claudia Jordan", LisaRaye revealed that she wasn't aware that the bars, which read, "Dolla, dolla bill, come get her/ Even your man know Nickis do it better," were supposed to be a shade at her.

"It has to be about me," she told Claudia. "My things is, I didn't know I was that relevant to be put in a song, but that's a good thing. Cause it's business. She gotta be trendy, she gotta stay relevant herself and stay current, so why not talk about the things that--I feel like, also, that she must have felt like I must have been saying that made her go [growl]."

"But of course, we already know it wasn't like that. But hey, she took the one of the number one Black cult films and their leading actress and put it in a song... I just wish I could get some money or some residuals off of it," she went on saying.

She added, "When I looked at my comments, I saw the phrase, but I didn't really know what they were talking about until they kept breaking it down." According to fans, the lyrics reference LisaRaye's claims that Nicole Murphy "messed around" with her ex-husband.

Prior to this, LisaRaye addressed the alleged shade on "The Breakfast Club" on Friday, June 12. "Let me tell you, I didn't know what the hell they were, first of all," she told DJ Envy and Angela Yee. "And I didn't know they were coming after me. Vivica Fox is the one that called and she asked me, she says, 'Are you okay?' "

"Maybe about 25 comments in, I was like, 'I don't give a damn about this.' 'Cause I don't," she shared. "I'm way above anybody that wanna come after somebody that they don't know, want to misappropriate what I said and take it out of context. I don't have time to be fighting that kinda fight 'cause we are fighting a real fight right now."

LisaRaye also said that "music shouldn't be about a beef." She continued, "It's not mafia, it's not gangster, it's entertainment. It's music, so let's keep it light while we're not tearing each other down."

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