LisaRaye McCoy Insists Kylie Jenner Copied Her Animal Head Gown Despite Backlash
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Prior to this, the 'Skinned' actress accused the Kylie Cosmetics founder of copying her look when the latter donned a gown featuring a faux fur lion's head on one shoulder at Paris Fashion Week.

AceShowbiz - Despite receiving pushback following her initial comments, LisaRaye McCoy doubled down of her remarks that Kylie Jenner copied her style for her look at Paris Fashion Week. In a new episode of "Cocktails With Queens", the actress went on to blast the reality TV star, who donned Schiaparelli's gown that featured a faux fur lion's head on one shoulder.

Talking about the matter, LisaRaye said, "I meant it, but I meant it absolutely in a good way, 'cause I think, you know, when you're creative, and you see something else that reminds you of what you've done-of course, her head was bigger than my tiger head." She continued, "And of course, it was in a different color, but same idea. For the designer or her deciding to wear it, but it was like, bravo! Great minds think alike."

"The Players Club" actress stressed, "We did it first. I'm not the first-first." LisaRaye wore a white gown with a small tiger's head on one shoulder for Da Brat's birthday party.

After catching wind of the episode, fans had mixed responses. "Lisa.....that girl ain't seen your dress, none of us did... STOP IT," one person slammed Lisa. Another critic added, "I would hate to have such nasty miserable energy in my 50s. I thank God that will never be me. Miserable and nasty."

"Stop it!! u were being shady and messy," someone else urged. "LisaRaye girl your mind is immature," another comment read.

However, some others defended LisaRaye with one saying, "WE LOVE U HUNTY! U SAID WHAT U SAID!" Another fan penned, "Yes, the K's borrow, copy and snatch on a regular basis. No need to clear the air.."

Prior to this, LisaRaye took to Instagram to accuse "The Kardashians" star of copying her look that she previously showcased at an event. She shared a video of herself rocking a white one-shoulder dress that had a faux head of an animal while the caption read, "Yes @adrejhono YOU all plus bestie @kevinarnett did this look on meeeeeeee and it slayed!!! It's nice to see others @kyliejenner copy and try to duplicate it in there way but we did it 1st baby. Thank yall again. Since we're trending maybe we all need to get together and come up with something for someone to be inspired by......again!"

The post, however, earned LisaRaye backlash as fans didn't think that LisaRay lashed out at the right person. "She didn't make that damn dress the designer did say the DESIGNER," a fan wrote. Someone else similarly said, "She didn't copy it, she just wore i… from another designer."

"Smh this was soo uncalled for. Kylie just wore it, so why tf are you tagging her?? I guess you missed that there was another girl wearing it at the show smh," one other comment read. One person, meanwhile, called the "Skinned" actress "embarrassing," before mocking her dress by calling it "the shein version of what she is wearing."

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