Marlon Wayans Defends Terrence J After He's Dragged for Claiming Marlon Owes Success to Nepotism

People try to cancel Terrence after he and Marlon get into a bizarre debate on Instagram Live, in which the former suggests that the 'Wayans Bros.' alum is only successful because of his famous family.

AceShowbiz - There's no bad blood between Marlon Wayans and Terrence J despite their recent awkward Instagram interaction. The latter has been dragged on Twitter after claiming during the Live session that the former "Marlon" star owes his fame to nepotism, but that's apparently only a joke.

Shortly after people expressed their anger at Terrence, Marlon took to his Instagram page to set things straight. In an approximately 9-minute video, he made light of the situation and assured his fans that he and the former "106 & Park" host are still good friends.

He also pled with people not to "cancel" his friend, who was sitting next to him in the video. The 47-year-old actor/comedian joked that Terrence was "suicidal" as the latter seemed agitated while looking at his phone. Marlon captioned the clip, "Poor @terrencej."

Terrence, meanwhile, posted on his own page a video in which he declared his love for Marlon and the Wayans family. "I love the Wayans family. Marlon is one of my best friends in the world. I think the family is incredible, much love," he said. "Love all days to the family, especially Marlon who is the funniest."

Apparently still in a joking mood, he later panned the camera to show Marlon sitting behind him while holding a big gun with a threatening face. "You like that?" Terrence asked his friend. He added in the caption, "One last statement for the blogs, haters, & ppl in the back. All HAIL tha WAYANS @marlonwayans."

In another video, Terrence shared that he had a bad morning because of the drama surrounding his conversation with Marlon. Marlon, who was still in Terrence's home, was seen cracking up as he read people's comments about their fake beef and the following clarification.

In case you missed Marlon and Terrence's conversation that started it all, the two best friends were on Instagram Live on Thursday morning, June 11 when the latter began calling out the former, "Let me school you on something. This ain't all about your family. Your family can't bail you of of this one. There's other people in this world that are not Wayans."

"I don't need my family to bail me out of nothing," Marlon defended himself. "They raised me. If you ever think I'm great because of me, I'm not. I'm great because of the tribe. You gon' respect the tribe. Tell me another family that's done the things we've done."

Terrence continued taking down Marlon, "Take Shawn's nipple out of your mouth. Get off Keenen Ivory Wayans' lap for just two seconds. Bro some of us have to make it on our own, that's all I'm saying. Some of us have to make it on our own. We can't have our family f**king lift us up all the time. Bro, some of us gotta make it on our own! Self-made millionaire, bro. It's called A&T! North Carolina A&T!"

After the video went viral, Terrence caught heat from social media users, prompting him to clarify, "Marlon is one of my best friends. This is a COMEDY parody show guys. We call this part 'WHAT HATERS' would say. It's COMPLETE parody. Please don't let this be taken out of context - it's written by MARLON."

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