Tory Lanez and Pretty Ricky's Spectacular Smith Feuding Over Stealing Accusation

It starts after the Canadian rapper weighs in on Akon's collaboration with 6ix9ine, prompting Spectacular to suggest him to just 'steal' the record like he allegedly did before with other tracks.

AceShowbiz - The collaboration between Akon and 6ix9ine (Tekashi69) has led to some beefs. In addition to tension between Tory Lanez and Akon, the former is also having some back-and-forth online with Pretty Ricky's Spectacular.

It started after Tory wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday, June 7, "So what y’all telling me is .... Akon gave the #LockedUpRemix / SAMPLE to someone else !?!?? And not me?!????" That was when Spectacular suggested him to just "steal" the record like he allegedly did before with other tracks.

"you should just stole it like you did Grind On Me and Your Body. Why stop now ..... Just keeping it 2 Virgils," Spectacular alleged, to which Tory responded, "STOLE WHAT ??!? Actually I BOUGHT the rights from whoever signed u and publishes your music."

The Canadian rapper continued, "But I guess you weren't apart of that conversation. go stare in someone eyes and rub on someone thighs and leave me outta this one.... goodnight my black brother."

In response to that, Spectacular wrote, "Ever since you got that new hairline, you been acting different. Stop with the [cap]," He went on saying, "Last time I checked, I owned my own masters. What type of bootleg business you running. You acting like Virgil not keeping it 2 Virgils."

Fans, however, appeared to side with Tory in this one. "If he stole it, go to court. We out here fighting for civil rights. we can't help you sir!!!!!!!" one fan commented. "I just wanna say that Tory Lanez version is better anyway," another one added.

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