Akon Incites Fury With New 6ix9ine Collaboration

The 'Right Now (Na Na Na)' hitmaker enrages people after the 'Gooba' spitter shares a video of him with the veteran artist working on 'Locked Up Part 2' in the studio.

AceShowbiz - Akon has several times defended 6ix9ine for snitching and he really meant what he said. While many hip-hop stars have denounced the former incarcerated rapper, the Senegalese-American singer/songwriter has shown his support for the New York City artist by collaborating with him following his prison release.

On Sunday, June 7, the "FEFE" hitmaker previewed a song they've worked on, "Locked Up Part 2". In an Instagram video, he and the "Sorry, Blame It on Me" singer linked up in a studio, possibly at the former's secret hideout.

6ix9ine rapped in the clip, "Thinking 'bout the things that I did/ Got me thinking, like, why the f**k I did that?/ Got me wishing that I could take it all back. Fighting with these demons/ Barely even eating/ Barely even sleeping/ This s**t got me tweeking/ Fighting with my lawyers for a better offer/ Just want to see my daughter..."

He hyped up the upcoming song, which is a sequel to Akon's 2004's "Locked Up", as writing in the caption, "LOCKED UP PART 2 IM ON ALBUM MODE ... THIS ALBUM GOING CRAZYYYYYYY ... @akon."

Needless to say, the two's collaboration shocked many, with rapper Ice Billion Berg tweeting, "Akon lost all my respect. I felt like he been looking down on Black Americans and him fucking with the enemy of the culture shows it."

Another rapper Boskoe 100 commented, "#akon GET OVER HERE . How you go from being locked up to locked in wit a snitch in a rainbow wig? All a da L's." Another reacted, "Akon...Black man, what is you doing...? You disgraced all of Senegal for a Mexican in a wig to call you a n***a to your face?? 2020 is showing its whole a** dawg."

"Zero interest in that Akon/lil buddy video. Please keep that to yourselves," a fourth critic wrote. Someone else blasted the music veteran, "Akon. You f**ked up BIG TIME! How can you put 69 after what STYLES P DID FOR YOU! He made you street official. That s**t is SO bad!!!"

Meanwhile, Styles P who was featured in the original song refused to be affected by the criticism. "My job is 2 remind you 2 boost the immune system n not get distracted by minor things," he wrote. "i will always consider Akon a brother but we have not spoke or seen each other In years I don't know 6'9 meaning all 3 of our paths are different.I live by my code n don’t hold others 2 my code."

Still, there are fans who are excited for Akon and 6ix9ine's upcoming release. "Legendary asf," one commented on the rapper's post. Another gushed, "This is goin be epic." Other similar comments read, "Im fliping" and "Can't wait!"

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