Noel Clarke Blasts Top Agent for Mistaking Him for Another Black Actor

The 'Bulletproof' actor, however, stops short of exposing the agent which sent him a casually-racist email, saying that he already had a private conversation with the agent and had no interest in taking it further.

AceShowbiz - British actor Noel Clarke has called out an unnamed entertainment agent for sending the "Bulletproof" star a casually-racist email.

The 44-year-old, who is also a prolific writer/producer, took to Twitter on Saturday, June 06, to share a screenshot of the message in question, but stopped short of identifying the sender.

"This is an Email from a high level Agent paying me a compliment," he wrote. "They have been in the Business as long as me. We have met various times. I've worked with their clients. They have access to all industry and professional information. And yet... Say when you see it."

The email read, "Afternoon. Just wanted to say how good new series of 'Top Boy' was. Not my 'thing' but was wonderful in telling the story of marginalisation and struggle. You weren't bad either... Hope all is well."

Clarke, whose parents are from Trinidad, has never appeared in hit Netflix series "Top Boy", about drug-based gang wars in London, which stars Ashley Walters and Kane 'Kano' Robinson, both of whom are black.

Instead, he stars opposite his friend Walters, also a highly successful writer/producer with his own production company, in an entirely different TV show, "Bulletproof", in which the two play undercover police officers in London.

Clarke's followers were quick to respond to both the tone of the email and the case of mistaken identity, encouraging Noel to "name and shame" the person in light of the current global protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, following the killing of African-American man George Floyd at the hands of a white cop in Minnesota last month.

Another fan suggested the agent might as well have written, "Yo Watched top boy, not my bag The black dude was good, think it's you because you all look the same Im only emailing so I can say I did my bit for BLM will you be my 'I can't be racist I've got a black friend' card (sic)."

But Clarke insisted he'd already addressed the matter in a private conversation with the agent and had no interest in taking it further. "I've already acted on it," he explained. "I dealt with it when it happened. It's done. Not everyone has to be publicly cancelled."

He added that if he had disclosed the person's name, their career "would be finished."

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