Conor McGregor Retires for Third Time in 4 Years

The mixed martial arts champion announces his retirement from fighting yet again, marking the third time in four years that he vowed to stay away from the ring.

AceShowbiz - Mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor has declared his retirement from the ring for the third time in four years.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship icon shared the news of his decision to quit the octagon with fans on Twitter on Saturday night, June 6, 2020 shortly after UFC 250 wrapped in Las Vegas.

"Hey guys I've decided to retire from fighting," he wrote. "Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it's been!"

McGregor also posted a photo of himself and his mother, revealing he will be treating her to "the home of (her) dreams."

It's not clear how serious the Irishman is about walking away from the MMA scene completely, having previously made big money comebacks following similar announcements in 2016 and 2019.

However, the 31 year old insists this time, he's for real.

"The game just does not excite me," McGregor told ESPN.

Responding to the news, UFC boss Dana White said, "If Conor McGregor feels he wants to retire, you know my feelings about retirement. You should absolutely do it. And I love Conor. There's a handful of people that have made this really fun for me, and he's one of them."

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