Hannah Brown Vows to 'Be a Part of the Solution' in New Apology Video Over the N-Word Usage

Weeks after causing controversy for dropping the racial slur while singing during an Instagram Live, the 'Bachelorette' alum goes in front of the camera to tearfully express her remorse.

AceShowbiz - Hannah Brown has finally gone before the camera to own up to her mistake. Nearly two weeks after shedropped the N-word while singing along to DaBaby's "Rockstar", the season 15 star of "The Bachelorette" went on Instagram Live on Saturday, May 30 to express her remorse over her action in person, promising that she "will be a part of the solution."

The 25-year-old kicked off her video by saying, "I've been trying for a long time to figure out how I would address everything," before explaining, "I wanted it to be the right time and I've been so concerned with not taking up space with all the events going on and the death of George Floyd happening and there's so much suffering and anger and I didn't want to offend anybody." She then added, "But I realized it's not about the right time, it's about the right thing."

Addressing the scandal she caused, the former "Dancing with the Stars" champion recalled, "I attempted to talk, sing a popular TikTok dance and recited the N-word, and it was a part of the song. Initially I didn't even know it was happening and I know it is wrong to say the N-word in a song, and I couldn't imagine I had used it so I immediately denied it."

"I tried to defend myself but between being intoxicated, which I'm also not proud of, and just being embarrassed and confused, I just made it a whole lot worse," she continued. "It wasn't until the next morning that reality set in and I had said it. At that moment, there was a rush of emotions." She went on admitting, "I felt so much shame on me."

On the reason why it took her so long to address the issue in person, Brown explained, "What I did, I didn't want it to go away. What I did was something extremely serious and I did not want to continue repeating this long history of white people not taking accountability and responsibility for their actions when people of color, black people, call them out on their behavior. That is something I do not want to be a part of. To do that, I had to understand."

The TV personality additionally acknowledged her ignorance on the matter. "To be honest I didn't know a lot, I don't want to be ignorant anymore," she said. "I don't want to be an ignorant white girl who uses the N-word, but I also don't want to be someone who goes onto a platform intoxicated and engages in their platform that way."

Brown then advised her followers to not support her by defending her. "What I did, what I said was indefensible," she pointed out. "I don't need anybody to defend me for what I did because what I said, what I did was wrong. But I'm hoping that what I did was wrong but what I didn't know even before is the worst part of it, and it's the ignorance. I'm no longer ignorant and I'm no longer going to be part of the problem."

In the end, the former beauty queen vowed, "I will be a part of the solution, and you will see that. From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. I'm sorry to everyone I hurt and disappointed. I promise to continue doing better, I promise."

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