'Vampire Diaries' Actor Zach Roerig Busted for DUI

The Matt Donovan depicter has been taken into police custody for driving under the influence after failing field sobriety tests when he was pulled over by cops.

AceShowbiz - Actor Zach Roerig was busted for driving under the influence over Memorial Day.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ "The Vampire Diaries" star was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning in Montpelier, Ohio, when officers noticed Zach's pickup truck did not have a front license plate.

When cops pulled him over, they recognised Zach's slurred speech and bloodshot eyes as well as a stench of alcohol.

After conducting several field sobriety tests, Zach reportedly told the officer, "This is very hard, I can't do this when I'm f**king..." and his voice trailed off.

When asked what he meant, Zach reportedly replied, "When I can't have a beer."

Cops arrested Zach for misdemeanour DUI and, when they took him to the station, sources said he was placed in a holding cell, where he ended up urinating on the floor.

He was eventually released on his own recognizance, and his arraignment is set for June 4, 2020.

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