'Bachelorette' Alum Jed Wyatt Is Slammed Over His Comment on Hannah Brown's N-Word Controversy

His response comes in the form of an Instagram comment underneath fellow season 15 contestant Mike Johnson's Instagram post in which he emphasizes the power of 'words.'

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" star Hannah Brown recently landed in hot water after she was caught saying the N-word during an Instagram Live broadcast. The controversy prompted other "Bachelorette" alums to weigh in on the issue, and Hannah's ex Jed Wyatt is the latest star to share his opinion on the matter.

His response came in the form of an Instagram comment underneath fellow season 15 contestant Mike Johnson's post on the platform in which he emphasized the power of "words." Johnson opened his post, "We are responsible for our words--the ones we use in error and the ones we choose carefully to build a path forward."

"Through my writing, I work to reflect on my personal history as a black man--learning to forgive others and love myself, while striving to create a world where all people know how important their voices are and how powerful their words can be," he added.

"I don't believe it is the responsibility of black men or women in this country to continue bearing the emotional and intellectual burden of explaining our cultural hurts as we also try to heal from them," Johnson continued. "But, I do believe we can lift our society through open dialogue, thoughtful action and storytelling that hopefully bridges cultures and generations. If we can't talk about our pain, we can never find purpose. If we can't listen to those in pain, we can never learn true compassion."

However, Johnson didn't condone cancel party as "cancellation solves nothing." He noted, "Conversation solves everything. Bottom line: let's know the power of our words and use them to spread kindness, not hate. No one is perfect, we're [merely] mortals."

Wyatt, who proposed to Brown at the end of her "Bachelorette" season, was among the commenters as he wrote, "Amen." Fans, however, didn't think it was the best idea to chime in. "If I were you, I would not comment," a fan said. "Like why is he chiming in lol," another fan wrote.

Wyatt and Brown were engaged briefly. She decided to call off the engagement after learning that the musician from Tennessee had been dating another woman before coming on the show.

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