Machine Gun Kelly Offer Jeff Lewis Dom Perignon Champagne to End Week-Long Feud

The 'Rap Devil' spitter butts head with the interior designer after the latter called him out in his radio show for not practicing safe social distancing when celebrating his 30th birthday.

AceShowbiz - Machine Gun Kelly reached out to interior designer Jeff Lewis with a peace offering in a bid to put an end to their week-long feud.

The pair have been at loggerheads after Jeff, 50, called out the rapper, 30, for his obnoxious behavior after he recently moved into Jeff's neighborhood.

On Saturday, May 02, Kelly, real name Colson Baker, extended an olive branch to the star, by sending him a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne via skateboard.

"Jeff, as the new guy on the block - referring to you - I wish we had a chance to meet," Kelly said to Jeff on Instagram.

"I'm sure there's years of noise to come from my house, so I hope we have a mutual understanding. If you ever need anything, just come knocking. Until then, I'm going to send this over your way, cheers neighbour."

Jeff accepted the peace offering, posting a photo of the champagne bottle along with the caption, "I accept. Now please move your car @machinegunkelly."

The dispute started when Jeff took to his radio show to call out the rapper and his house guests while they celebrated the star's 30th birthday, saying that they were not practicing safe social distancing.

"They still park in front of the fire hydrant. They park in front of other people's driveways," Jeff said. "It's just like, I think they're so f**ked up, they just park the car wherever it lands."

Addressing the comments on Lala Kent's podcast, Kelly fired back, "He can't stand me. He doesn't know that we know he does a podcast about us. He doesn't know it'll turn into (movie Bad) 'Neighbors' real quick. I'ma be Zac Efron (sic). I'm Tom Petty. Petty in all caps."

Jeff also suggested Kelly threatened his safety, revealing he told him, "I'm not aggressive but some of us are," with the star adding, "If this happens again, this guy will be spending his stimulus check on bail and attorneys' fees."

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