Nick Cordero Fitted With Tracheostomy Tube to Help Him Breathe After Taken Off Ventilator

The 'Rock of Ages' actor has been taken off a ventilator after having a successful tracheostomy procedure to help him breathe during the coronavirus recovery.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cordero has successfully been taken off a ventilator after having a tracheostomy tube fitted to help him breathe, his wife Amanda Kloots has shared.

The Broadway actor remains in a coma following a battle with Covid-19, which resulted in him having one of his legs amputated and a temporary pacemaker fitted due to an irregular heartbeat.

Amanda has been updating fans on his progress on Instagram, and taking to her Stories, she confirmed the Tony-winning star had successfully undergone the procedure, which saw a tube fitted into an opening at his throat, which will allow him to breathe without using his mouth, nose and throat.

"He is on the trach! They did it, and he's OK, and he is free of the ventilator," she enthused.

She added, "We have been trying to do this for Nick for so many weeks now, and it just kept getting stalled and pushed back because of his health."

Doctors previously planned to take the "Rock of Ages" star off the ventilator last week, but he developed a fever soon after his leg amputation, which delayed the procedure.

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