Lil Durk Not Paying Woman Who Helped Find Missing Girl $10K Despite Promise

Conchedia De Pratto claims in a video that she tried to take this case to the court and won the case, but the young rapper didn't do anything and blocked her on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - Lil Durk has been donating meals to frontline workers amid the Coronavirus pandemic, but it appears he forgets to do one more thing. A woman named Conchedia De Pratto has called out the young rapper for not giving her the $10,000 he promised years ago if someone helped him find a missing little girl in Chicago.

In a post she shared on Instagram, the woman claimed that the incident happened back in 2015. According to her, she found the little girl without knowing that Durk would be giving anyone who found her money. The woman only learned of this when her friends tagged her in his post.

Thus, she decided to reach out to Durk with a photo and link evidence that she did find the little girl in her apartment building. However, the only thing she received was silent treatment and that prompted her to try contacting his close friends. But that apparently didn't help her much so she decided to take the case to the court and win it. Despite that, he still hasn't paid her the money and even blocked her on Instagram.

"Given the circumstances of how life is now, with everything shutting down with this Coronavirus epidemic, just kinda need to persuade a little bit more actively because this would be very helpful as I'm a single mother of two children," she said. "Not that this money would be life-changing, but yeah it would help us a lot."

Conchedia also pointed in her video that this is one of the examples that people "should be held accountable for what they say." She added, "I didn't make this up, I didn't do this out of nowhere. It was something that he said, and I just… If it were you, what would you? The judges agreed with me. I just need the money."

Durk has yet to give his response.

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