Omarion Teases at Going 'Little Deeper' Into Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz Drama on 'The Connection'

The B2K rapper also talks about his 'unbothered' essential oils, saying, 'The scent is gonna truly represent the attitude and embody sometimes the position you need to take.'

AceShowbiz - Omarion is gearing up for his upcoming Zeus network series titled "The Connection". Prior to the premiere, the B2K rapper sat down with PeopleTV to reveal what people could expect from his new TV series.

"A lot of people know that I have a way of addressing things. As a creative person, this is my main language, creativity," he shared. "I think the interesting thing about creativity is that creativity has many perspectives and I think there's always lessons and takeaways from life's situations. Looking at it now, I'm so honored to be able to be the example for a lot of people in their relationships."

When asked if he would address the drama surrounding her baby mama Apryl Jones and ex B2K groupmate Lil Fizz, Omarion responded, "We're definitely gonna be diving into that... I will be diving a little deeper into the intricacies and some of the challenges because really that's all it is, it's just a challenge."

However, it seemed like it wouldn't take much portion of the show since Omarion revealed that he had been busy with his new venture, "unbothered" essential oil. "The scent is gonna truly represent the attitude and embody sometimes the position you need to take," Omarion said. "Sometimes you need to deal with things head-on, but sometimes you need to be unbothered."

For the past months, Omarion and Apryl have been making headlines after she confirmed that she was dating O's B2K groupmate Lil Fizz before eventually splitting. O was known to be unbothered by the whole thing, though he started to break his silence in interviews earlier this year.

"I don't have a relationship with Fizz. I think that there should be [an] opportunity for us to talk one day. I don't know when that is, but there should be opportunity... Because it's such a question to people. So, it kinda creates this layer of 'I don't know,' " he said on Big Boy's "Neighborhood" in February, before adding that Fizz and Apryl were already dating when B2K was on the "Millennium Tour" in 2019.

The former couple didn't say anything to him though, as Omarion found out about their relationship through rumors. "I wanna be clear though, what me and Apryl had is what me and Apryl had. We created something really beautiful and we gave something truly beautiful to each other that's really irreplaceable. So, at the end of the day, even though I have public issues, I wish no ill intent or malice towards anyone," Omarion insisted.

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