At some point in the video, he says that his real name is Trent Smith, before claiming that he's the real Blanket Jackson who was abandoned and later raped.

AceShowbiz - Orlando Brown is coming up with another shocking allegation. The "That's So Raven" star, who previously said that he received oral sex from Nick Cannon, revealed in a new video that he was sexually assaulted by Michael Jackson and Will Smith.

In the Wednesday, April 15 clip, the former child actor said, "This whole.. this whole Will Smith s**t. I may not make a Michael Jackson boom, you feel me? Don't think of Michael Jackson bro and I n***a set me up, bro. Jackson bro and I n***a set me up bro on everything. That n***a set me up bro," he ranted. "That n***a be on some other s**t."

"N***a, you raped me as a kid. You b***h a** n***a. You raped me as a kid and you raped all of my kids, n***a," he went on alleging. "You still try to motherf***ing get away with the s**t n***a."

"Every time I see you I want to slice your neck, motherf***ker. You really really have to understand what the Bible says bro. The Bible says out of your mother and your father for your days are long, n***a. I'd killed you for that reason b***h. Don't you ever get on the motherf***ing TV show and act like I'm the motherf***ing rapist," he said.

At some point in the video, he said that his real name was Trent, seemingly alluding that he's Will's oldest son. Later, he claimed that he was the real Blanket Jackson who was abandoned and later raped.

This arrived after it was reported that Orlando has been battling drug addiction for years. He additionally opened up on his struggle with depression on Facebook. In 2018, he entered rehab following an intervention from family and friends but he only stayed for a week in the facility before returning to the street.

Over the past few years, he made some outrageous claims, including statements that Nick Cannon performed oral sex on him.

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