Tinashe Creeps People Out With Her Bizarre Poses in New Instagram Pics

The 'All Hands on Deck' singer tries to impress her followers by showing off her flexibility in the images, but her poses remind people of scenes from horror movies such as 'The Ring' and 'The Exorcist'.

AceShowbiz - Tinashe has an unusual way to spend her time while in self-isolaton amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of making TikTok videos or doing Instagram Live like many other celebrities do, she apparently tries to stay fit by flexing her muscles at home.

Updating her Instagram page, the 27-year-old singer/dancer posted on Tuesday, April 15 a couple of new pictures which showed her quarantine activity. In the images, the Kentucky-born star showed off her flexibility as she did some bizarre poses with both of her hands and feet on the floor.

While some of her followers were impressed by her flexibility, some others were left gasping over the bizarre poses that remind them of scenes from horror movies such as "The Ring", "The Grudge" and "The Exorcist".

"Sorry but this look like something from a horror film," an unimpressed user wrote. Another commented with an apparent pun, "The grugde is shaking," while someone else simply remarked, "The Ring." Another called it "Paranormal activity," which is also the title of another popular horror flick.

"Exorcism or whattttt," another reacted in horror, while someone else quipped, "What In The Grudge is going on here." One person expressed her/his shock as writing, "This scared me," while a naysayer claimed that "her music ain't selling so she gotta find something to do."

Some others blamed Tinashe's antics on boredom caused by the quarantine. "Day 31 in quarantine," one person enthused. Agreeing, someone else echoed, "Pure boredom." Another added, "They gotta let us outside man."

When she's not doing her weird poses, Tinashe has kept herself busy by styling her hair in braids. Over the weekend, the "All Hands on Deck" songstress shared a mirror selfie of her rocking her long braids while sporting a sleeveless crop top. "Nashe with the braids," she captioned the snap.

A few days later, she posted other pictures of her rocking the same hairstyle to invite her fans to play an online game together. "Hop on Warzone quads, let's squad up," she wrote along with the pictures.

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