Cardi B Challenges Rah Ali to Settle Fued 'Like Women' During Heated Twitter Spat

'I understand b***hes don't like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me tyring to start S**t ...,' the Grammy-winning rapper writes on her Twitter account about the friend of Nicki Minaj.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B had a heated exchange with Rah Ali on Twitter. The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker took to her account to call out Ali for allegedly spreading fake news about her on her popular radio show "Onsite!" using a purportedly edited tweet.

"How you posting fake tweets of me ? I been clarify this months ago ! When these weirdos make this fake s**t up .I never wrote this on my twitter and I put that ON MY CHILD!" Cardi snapped alongside a screenshot an Instagram post by Onsite! featuring an alleged fake tweet. "I understand b***hes don't like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me tyring to start S**t ...."

The said "fake" tweet that got Cardi so worked up read, "I try so hard not to respond to b****es and they subs that they keep throwing at me. But when you challenge my motherhood is when you got me f***ed you wack a** b****es! Put out a hit record instead of dissin people! Suck my d**k b***h!"

Ali, who is a good friend of Cardi's most prominent foe Nicki Minaj, caught wind of the now-deleted tweet. She responded in no time, "Get off twitter sneak dissing," before shading Cardi over Offset's cheating scandal by adding, "your husband in the other room on that video game, texting h**s again."

It didn't take long before the "Invasion of Privacy" star fired back. "NOBODY IS SNEAK DISSING IM TALKING ABOUT YOU !Lets not talk about husbands cause I will put your whole situation on blast .I dm you if you wanna deal s**t like women!idc what you post about me .DONT POST LIES!Thats not how you brand," so Cardi tweeted.

"Ouuu baby, lets do it," Ali responded back. "Your lame friend already ATTEMPTED that, my union is SOLID. So please, give it your best shot, so I can make a complete mockery out of you."

Not backing down, Cardi replied, "You sure you wanna test it ?cause I got receipts of you and so in ATL ? Anyways like I said I dm you if you wanna settle it like women. You haven't write back so are you doing this for attention?! DONT GIVE A F**K if you post about me JUST DONT POST LIES!" Without addressing Cardi's claims about DMs, Ali said, "Yes, I'm POSITIVE, I wanna test it out. I'm from the show me state. Let's Go!"

Cardi has since deleted her tweets directed to Ali.

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