Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Called Out by Apollo Nida for Using Him for 'RHOA' Storyline

The ex-husband of Phaedra Parks accuses his former friends of selling him out for 'RHOA' storyline after he asked them to hold onto a few personal items while he was in prison

AceShowbiz - "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" alum Apollo Nida is coming for current cast members Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker. The ex-husband of Phaedra Parks accused the pair of selling him out after he asked them to hold onto a few personal items so federal investigators couldn't find them while he was in prison.

During his recent appearance in an Instagram Live interview with Peter Thomas, Apollo said of his former friends, "They sold me out, come on. They wasn't even supposed to talk about that stuff."

"If I came to you and said, 'Hey put my stuff here, it's hush-hush.' You ain't supposed to say nothing," Apollo went on saying. "You not supposed to go on national TV saying, 'Hey, we holding this for Apollo' just for a storyline! You sold me out!"

This arrives after his fiancee Sherien Almufti revealed on Instagram that she should have listened to her body more as she revealed her hospitalization from ectopic pregnancy. Recounting her wake up call moment on the photo sharing platform, Almufti opened up, "I never listen to my body, I pop a Motrin and keep it moving."

She went on to share, "But this time it wasn't Motrin I actually screamed hospital. What I thought was my second terrible menstrual was an ectopic pregnancy."

Almufti, who also made an appearance on "Say Yes To The Dress" back in 2018, noted that the March 5 incident was "the second time" her body was telling me to go to the hospital. "Ugh! So 2 days in the hospital," she spilled, before expressing her relief for finding out about her scary medical experience, "and thank God it was caught before it caused what is life threatening."

Almufti's hospitalization came months after her fiance Apollo, whom she is engaged to since 2016, was released from prison. After serving more than 5 years in federal prison for accusation of laundering over $2.3 million and another arrest for allegedly violating his parole, the ex-husband of Phaedra Parks was moved to Philadelphia's halfway house facility in late July 2019.

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