'RHOA' Alum Apollo Nida Hits Back at People Slamming His 'Suck' Barbering Skills

While Apollo is satisfied with his works, Instagram users think that the former inmate cut the parts way too wide as one user jokes in the comment section, 'That's not a part that's a highway.'

AceShowbiz - Apollo Nida was re-released from federal prison a few weeks ago, and it's now reported that "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" alum is working at a barber shop in Atlanta while staying at a halfway house. However, it seems like Apollo still has many things to learn as not all of people are all fond of his work.

Apollo took to his Instagram account to flaunt off his barbering skills. "It looks like ya boi AP back in business... I know you see the FADE GAME STILL CRAZY @rockysbarbershop @hardheadzmc @100.piercent #naturalblend#cuttingedge was the start," he wrote in the caption alongside pictures of his work at Rocky Barber Shop. While Apollo seemed to be satisfied with the results, people in the comment section were not.

They thought that the former inmate cut the parts way too wide. "That's not a part that's a highway," one user joked, while another added, "You can drive a bus on that part."

"That part big as hell," another commenter wrote. Apollo was not having it so he fired back, "the gap in ya teeth big as hell."

That user apparently wasn't the only one whose comment caught Apollo's attention. One person took a jab at his new job as a barber as he wrote, "Now u cutting hair to get back lol poor thing don't u wish u came home to a women worth something don't mess up her lil tax job lol u know U gone get tired of being broke soon start the fraud stuff."

Apollo then responded fiercely, calling the person "p***y b***h" and "sucker." Writing back to Apollo, the user replied, "lol u sound hella mad make sure u don't go back to prison being this angry and aggresive in fact I hope ur fiance don't act out and get smack silly cause u have issues."

Apollo was released again from Federal prison on Monday morning, July 29. That was the second time the ex-husband of Phaedra Parks was released from prison. The TV personality was released from prison last month after serving more than 5 years in federal prison for fraud as he was accused of cashing stolen checks and laundering over $2.3 million through fake bank accounts. His original release date was originally on October 15.

However, Apollo's freedom didn't last long as he was re-arrested just 9 days later for allegedly violating his parole. "He was taken back into custody. I wouldn't say it was an arrest because it's not a new charge. It was an order of the court to bring him into custody," the representative told Page Six at the time. "We took him to Federal Bureau of Prisons and they will deal with it since he was in their custody."

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