Ezra Miller Caught Choking and Throwing Woman on the Ground

The 'Fantastic Beasts' actor is trending on Twitter after a video has gone viral showing him grabbing a female fan by the neck in Iceland, though it's unclear what sparks his rage.

AceShowbiz - Ezra Miller is trending on Twitter for the wrong reason. The actor, known for his portrayal of The Flash a.k.a. Barry Allen in the DCEU, has been caught on camera choking a female fan in Iceland. Ever since the video went viral on Sunday night, April 5, people reacted in shock.

It's not clear what sparked his rage, but early in the 14-second clip he's seen challenging the woman to a duel. "Oh, you wanna fight? That's what you wanna do?" he's heard saying when the excited female fan, dressed in heavy winter clothing including a turtle-neck pullover and long coat, approached him.

Ezra, who wore a red long coat and jeans, soon grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her towards the aisle truck parked right behind her. Still choking the girl, the 27-year-old star then threw her on the ground. A man behind the camera was clearly shocked as he's heard exclaiming, "Woah, bro. Bro," before he ended the video.

The incident reportedly happened in public, outside a local store in the country. Someone, who claimed to be present during the incident, claimed on Twitter that some boys pulled him off of the woman and restrained him, but he later spit on the user's brother and a bartender.

It's unknown if the act was done in a playful manner or otherwise, but some Twitter users have been speculating that he might be under the influence of drugs. "He must be on drugs," one assumed. Another remarked, "Coke rage."

Someone else pointed out, "he's slurring his words... definitely on something whether it be coke, liquor or a combo of other things. This is so messy. Not expecting this from Ezra." Another commented, "He is the last person I would think of doing this. He must be on all the drugs."

Some others, on the other hand, said they were not surprised. "These people are like 'to the girls who wanted Ezra Miller to choke them, he delivered, and now y'all are disgusted??' Like you realize he assaulted a woman right??? We meant get choked with consent," tweeted one user. Another user dubbed Ezra "a f**king psycho."

A few others doubted that the video is a new one. "The story doesn't make any sense, mate," one noted. Another agreed, explaining, "yeah this makes no sense, haven't bars in Iceland been closed since March 23rd? Why are they at a bar then and how are bouncers there? something is really off here."

Ezra has not addressed his act in the video.

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