Ezra Miller Calls Themself 'Jesus and the Devil,' Parents' Divorce May Cause the Downward Spiral
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The 'Fantastic Beasts' star allegedly believes that they and 12-year-old Takota Iron Eyes are destined to be together and 'bring about the apocalypse,' and calls their character The Flash is the Jesus of multiverses.

AceShowbiz - Ezra Miller's recent bizarre behaviors were apparently just the tip of the iceberg of their dark spiral. A new report has uncovered disturbing new details of the actor's delusions and their 2022 arrests that led to their admission to a rehab facility.

According to Vanity Fair, Miller has "Messiah" complex and often refers to themselves alternately as "Jesus and the devil." The Wyckoff native, who has been accused of grooming, brainwashing and emotionally abusing 12-year-old Takota Iron Eyes, allegedly believes they and the teen are destined to be together and "bring about the apocalypse."

"Ezra is Jesus, and Tokata's an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess, and their union is supposed to bring about the apocalypse," a source recaps Miller's delusional mind. "And that's the 'real' reason everyone is so opposed to them being together."

Iron Eyes's mother Jumping Eagle has heard about this. "They say they are some kind of messiah, and they're going to lead an Indigenous revolution," she echoes, though the actor themself does not have Native American ancestry.

"He professes that he walks through this world with an Indigenous humility and spiritual awareness," says one Indigenous insider, who doesn't believe that Miller's fixation on native cultures is respectful. "But, point of fact, he doesn't at all. Because he doesn't care."

Most sources additionally reveal Miller verbally and emotionally abused those around them and describe their downward spiral "as a conflagration of the mental health issues the actor has acknowledged, along with drugs, guns and outlandish claims, that has raged for more than two years." At least three people say Miller has also wrapped the superhero they play into their grandiose speechifying.

During Miller's arrest in a tiki bar called Margarita Village in Hilo, Hawaii in March for shouting profanities, spitting in a patron's face and grabbing a mic from a woman singing karaoke, the actor claimed to have been accosted by a Nazi and to have evidence.

"The Flash" star also treated their ring emblazoned with their DC Comics superhero character as a beloved possession. "The Flash ring means a lot to me," the actor allegedly said when police found the ring inside Miller's pockets along with styrofoam Nerf bullets. "It's very valuable," they allegedly muttered of the ring.

In fact, Miller loves their character so much that they was "claiming that the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus," says a source.

Miller has also been accused of hiding the whereabouts of a 25-year-old woman named Ana and her three children, who have moved to their Vermont house. While the woman said that Miller saved her family from an abusive situation, a longtime friend of Miller thinks that the household isn't safe for kids.

"I saw more guns than ever, and three little kids running around among them," the friend who visited in May describes what is inside the home. "The youngest girl picked up a bullet and put it in her mouth." The house allegedly contains an altar that's home to bullets, weed, sage and Flash figurines, two other people who visited this year claims. "A lot of times he makes the women put their cell phones on the altar when they come in, and other offerings," says a longtime friend.

The friend adds, "Ezra freaked out recently...demanding that Susan Sarandon come pay tribute to his altar because she didn't invite Ezra to a dinner party." But a rep for Miller claims the two actors "are dear friends" and that Miller "would probably call this [anecdote] total bulls**t if asked."

Three people, including two have known Miller for over a decade, believe the outbursts were triggered by Miller's parents' divorce. The actor's mother Marta, a modern dancer, and father Robert, a former book publisher, told Miller and their two sisters they were separating in 2019 after decades of marriage.

"Ezra didn't start freaking out and losing control of themselves in public until after this happened," says a longtime friend, who adds that the physical altercation with a fan in Iceland was the beginning of Miller's spiral. "The Iceland incident happened, and then it just kept going and going and going and going."

Miller's spokesperson, however, shuts down the idea that the divorce was a key factor. "The matters leading up to their recent mental health concerns were a combination of complex, stress-related issues," the spokesperson claims.

Miller's mother, meanwhile, said when met in her front yard in Vermont in early July of the coverage of her son, "The betrayal of the supposed media is stunning. It is your job to separate the false from the true."

Despite Miller's troubled life, there are still people who are rooting for them, such as "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" scriptwriter and novel author Stephen Chbosky, who also directed the movie which Miller starred in. While he hasn't spoken to Miller in 10 years, he says, "I hope Ezra finds the light that they shined so brightly back when we shot the movie because the kid I met was a remarkably magical person. And I always like to believe that that person is always in there, and I hope that they can find the help that they need."

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