Bored Kesha Strips Off in Sultry TikTok Video

The 'Blah Blah Blah' songstress tells her fans to just 'Take It Off' as she dances to her own 2010 hit to kill her boredom during the coronavirus quarantine.

AceShowbiz - Kesha (previously written Ke$ha) has taken to TikTok to channel her energy and creativity while staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday, April 1, the 33-year-old singer shared a sultry video of her dancing to her own song "Take It Off".

Taking the song's title literally, the singer, whose one of chart-topping songs is interestingly titled "Tik Tok", stripped off in the video. She removed her fringed black leather jacket, revealing her Versace sports bra and midriff, while busting out a choreographed TikTok dance she created herself to her 2010 hit.

"If u bored like me just Take it off," she captioned the video, which was also shared on her Instagram page, with a play on the song's title.

Like most of Americans, Kesha has been staying at home in self-isolation after announcing the postponement of the rest of her "High Road" tour due to the ongoing pandemic. "I take an enormous amount of pride in making my shows a safe place for anyone no matter what, so with that in mind, my team is working hard to reschedule my tour for later in the year," she posted on Instagram.

While it's not a decision that she made easily, the Los Angeles-born star added, "I'm sad that I won't see you as soon as I had hoped, but it's more important that we all keep each other safe." She added. "I love u all and hope u all stay healthy and well."

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kesha revealed what she has been up to while in home quarantine. "I'm slowly sorting through my life in boxes. I have so much random s**t," she shared. "I'm also just walking around writing parts of songs, singing, and practicing my aura readings on trees - one of the best places to start developing one's aura visualization skills."

Admitting that "this time is weird as s**t," she remained positive as saying, "But we will all get through it together." She went on stressing the importance to practice self-distancing, "Staying home and not doing a million things is so uncomfortable, but it's what has to happen. In the meantime, try to stay healthy, safe, and sane."

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