Lewis Capaldi  Blames His Weight Gain on Vegan Diet

The 'Before You Go' singer claims he gained weight after giving up meat and he now reluctantly tries to do exercise every morning in a bid to slim down.

AceShowbiz - Lewis Capaldi's vegetarian health kick inadvertently caused him to pile on the pounds as he turned to carbohydrates in place of meat.

The "Someone You Loved" hitmaker, 23, is a renowned fan of British bakery chain Greggs, and notably set up a $6,300 tab for fans to eat there after a gig in Glasgow, Scotland.

However, he blames his rotund frame on his attempts to go vegetarian rather than his enthusiasm for pastries - as cutting out meat led to him feasting on carb-heavy junk food.

"I lost two stone at the end of 2018 and I thought, 'Now I've slimmed down a bit I'll be a vegetarian,' " he tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "I'll keep the weight off and I'll be doing good for the environment."

"But oh my God, I got so fat and put all that weight on again because I was substituting meat and veg for the vegetarian option which was pizza and chips."

The Scottish singer hasn't, however, ruled out going veggie again if he can lose a few pounds - something he's trying to do by reluctantly taking up jogging.

"I go on runs," he adds. "I go running every morning and it's been horrible."

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