Jon Bon Jovi's Son in Makeshift Quarantine Zone After Showing Mild Symptoms of Coronavirus

The Bon Jovi frontman believes his 17-year-old son Jacob had 'a mild version' of COVID-19 which affected his intestines and caused him to have an intense fever.

AceShowbiz - Jon Bon Jovi fears his teenage son might have contracted coronavirus. When offering updates on what he and his family have been doing amid the global pandemic, the Bon Jovi frontman revealed that 17-year-old Jacob was placed in a makeshift quarantine zone in their house after displaying mild symptoms.

The 58-year-old rocker spilled the beans during a video interview with Entertainment Tonight on Friday, March 27. "The whole family is together, all the kids are here with us," he shared. "We've been here 15 days now, not that I'm counting. Everyone here, Jake had a mild version of it just the intestinal kind."

On how his family dealt with Jacob's situation, the father of four revealed that his wife of three decades, Dorothea, "created the quarantine zone, you know, with the laundry room being triaged and no one could go in there unless they had gloves and a mask and she had a bathrobe on backwards and different slippers."

The drastic measures were taken to prevent his other children, 25-year-old Jesse, 15-year-old Romeo and 26-year-old Stephanie, from contracting the disease. Jon added that the family kept Jacob in the quarantine zone "until all of the symptoms had cleared." The singer, who made appearance on "Cry Wolf", assured that Jacob is now "a hundred percent" better.

During the chat, Jon did note that Jacob hasn't been tested for COVID-19 since it was "pretty difficult to get one." On the suspected source of Jacob's symptoms, he explained, "It stemmed from some of the young guys that we had taken in here that also tested, they were tested and tested positive and had the main symptoms but they had left, and so we just followed those same protocols."

In another interview with Extra, Jon stressed that Jacob has "recovered now." Noting that their "home was only infected with Jake, " he assured that "the rest of us have been healthy, but we are all sequestered and under quarantine." He himself "have not had symptoms" and felt "quite healthy." He added that his family won't be needing to be tested for COVID-19.

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