Sherri Shepherd's Teenage Son Scolds Her for Wearing Leggings Because She's Too Old

In a video she shares on her Instagram account, her son Jeffrey Charles could be heard telling her that leggings are made for 'young girls in school' and not for older women.

AceShowbiz - Sherri Shepherd's teenage son apparently doesn't like her fashion sense. As her family continues to self-quarantine, the actress shared on Wednesday, March 18 a video of her teenage son, Jeffrey Charles, scolding her for wearing leggings.

In the video posted on Instagram, Jeffrey immediately showed his displeasure the moment he saw his actress mom in leggings. "They're not made for mom," he told Sherri. "Like, how old are you, mom?"

Sherri simply answered that she's a mom, to which Jeffrey responded by saying, "I know. I mean, leggings should be worn by... young girls in school." As he continued talking, Sherri turned the camera to herself at one point, showing her followers how done she was while listening to her son.

In her defense, Sherri said that the leggings made her look cute, though Jeffrey still insisted that she shouldn't be wearing that. "I can't picture you wearing that," he said. "I think moms, or older women, shouldn't be wearing leggings because it's not good for them."

In the end, Jeffrey lost his debate with Sherri after the latter told him that young girls wear leggings because they want to be like older women.

She captioned the video, "Dealing w Corona and a teenager who doesn’t like me in leggings." She continued, "With everything going on in the world... viruses and social distance... a toilet paper shortage for goodness sake! I gotta deal w a teen who has a problem w me wearing leggings! This boy is about to get put out."

To conclude her rather lengthy post, Sherri reminded others to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Have a safe and peaceful day. Wash your hands and cough into your elbow," so she said.

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