Doja Cat Has Had Enough of People Slamming Her for Looking White

The 'Say So' hitmaker lands in hot water after her photo for YouTube Music playlist is made public, with a lot of people pointing out that she looks so white in the image.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat wants people to know that she's not entirely black. The "Say So" hitmaker recently became the talk of the town after her photo for YouTube Music playlist was made public, with many pointing out that she looked so white in the photo.

Given how many similar comments there were, it didn't take a long time for Doja to catch wind of it. She was clearly upset by the criticism as saying in a video posted on Instagram Stories, "Hey, so if you're stupid as f**k, you probably left the comment under this picture, talking about this." While saying that, she panned the camera to give her followers a better look at the comments.

"Hey, how about I'm half-white, not entirely black," she continued, explaining how she ended up looking white in the picture. "My skin gets very light when I don’t tan. I was staying indoors a lot before that shoot. New f**king subject, dumba***s!"

Not a few have also come to her defense. "i keep telling yall, let mixed people be mixed people. black is black," one said. "It's 2020 and people still act like they don't know that some people get lighter in the winter(because they’re not in the sun as much)," another commented.

"How about people stop worrying about what people do with their own body . Damn people can do what they please with their temporary shell," one more individual weighed in, as someone else said, "Y’all preach up and down about black people coming in different shades all over the world yet somehow have brain spasms excepting somebody mixed as black."

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