The ousted Public Enemy member insists he didn't support the current President of the United States following his exit from the hip-hop group after dispute with Chuck D.

AceShowbiz - Flavor Flav doesn't blame Bernie Sanders for his firing from Public Enemy despite Chuck D kicking him out following a disagreement over performing at a rally for the U.S. presidential candidate.

The hip-hop stars argued after Sanders campaign announced last week that his Public Enemy Radio spin-off act would perform a set at a rally in California ahead of presidential primary elections in 14 states on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Flav's lawyers responded with a cease-and-desist letter, which said that he had not endorsed any candidate and that Sanders was not authorised to use the group's image without his permission - to which Chuck responded by firing him and insisting he had sole ownership of the Public Enemy name.

However, the rapper turned reality star tells The Guardian he doesn't dislike Sanders and wants to distance himself from reports claiming he supports U.S. President Donald Trump.

"I don't have anything against Bernie. I think he's a good person and I wish him luck. I think they're all good people. Except Trump. Some people tried to say I did this because I'm a Trump supporter and that's not true. F**k Trump!"

He adds that his argument is with Chuck, who he believes signed him up to a concert he did not agree to, adding, "Why try to say I'm a part of something I'm not a part of? That was all Chuck D."

Chuck has also denied the dispute was over politics, claiming it was a product of longstanding tensions.

"My last straw was long ago," he wrote on Twitter. "It's not about Bernie with Flav ... he don't know the difference between (American football player) Barry Sanders or Bernie Sanders...So I don't attack Flav on what he don't know."

Flav agrees with his ex-bandmate on that, saying, "I don't deal with politics. Chuck D, he's the politician of the group. I'm just the friendly jester."

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