Matt Barnes Describes Relationship With Baby Mama as 'Playing House' Amid Feud Over Their Son

The former Golden State Warriors star defends his separation from Anansa Sims as they are bickering over their one-year-old son Ashton shortly after their split came to light.

AceShowbiz - Matt Barnes compared his relationship with baby mama Anansa Sims to "playing house" after dating for more than a year. The retired basketballer wrote a lengthy message amid dispute regarding their one-year-old son Ashton.

"Sometimes, s**t just doesn't work out," he defended their split. "I was romantically involved with an Anansa for a short time before we became pregnant. I take full responsibility for my decisions, which led to a child entering the world."

"Because of the love that I have for my twins," he said, referring to his sons from a previous marriage. "I knew the pain of being apart from a child and wanted Ashton close to me as much as possible. In an attempt to do the right thing, I tried to play house. Again I take full responsibility for that choice."

The public feud began when the former NBA player claimed on Instagram Anansa barred him from seeing their kid. She responded by denying the accusations and suggesting she didn't feel safe around him so she filed for a restraining order against him.

Rumor has it, Matt stalked and threatened Anansa just like he allegedly did with his former wife Gloria Govan when they split years ago. He allegedly got his sister involved to harass Anansa as well.

He clapped back, insinuating that while he's hard at work to provide for his children, his ex lied on social media to paint him as a bad guy. "Anansa has every right to seek attention in whatever fashion she chooses. Whether that's faking trips to Chicago or posting or videos to create her own narrative," he said.

"Although I tried to handle this privately as adults without outside input, I have no choice but to allow the courts to intervene. I will play by the rules and will give my all to make sure that my son is not used as a pawn," the father of four continued.

He additionally addressed the restraining order, claiming he's blindsided. "This comes out of the blue after I had been out of town working to provide for my boys." He added, "It is perfectly timed to align with our upcoming court date."

He also briefly mentioned his custody battle with ex-wife Gloria. "After six years, I'm finally at peace with the twins mother and we are co-parenting the best that we can. I want that peace to continue in every part of my life," he claimed.

Matt was initially granted a sole custody of the boys following their 2014 split but Gloria fought him off in court. She was eventually awarded a joint custody by a judge in 2019.

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