Jennifer Lahmers Defends Herself After Seemingly Pissing Off 'The Real' Hosts

The 'Extra' host insists she only did her job as a correspondent when she decided to bring up the arguments between co-hosts Amanda Seales and Jeannie Mai.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lahmers responded to criticisms following her awkward guest-hosting appearance on "The Real" recently. She was accused of trying to pit Amanda Seales against co-host Jeannie Mai by bringing up their alleged feud. She additionally got on Seales' nerves for calling her "a newbie."

"Humble yourself," Lahmers wrote on Instagram. She insisted she did nothing wrong, "I wouldn't change a thing about the way I conducted that interview - addressing a topic that had made numerous headlines across multiple outlets." She added, "This is my job as a correspondent. I did not keep pressing once I got an answer and that is all I will say on the matter."

Lahmers was originally cut off by Seales when she said Seales and Mai "butted heads." As Lahmers persisted on the topic, Mai suggested the "Extra" host confused herself between "butting heads" and "having a difference of opinion." Mai added, "When I butt heads, there's only going to be one head standing and as you can see, we're still here."

Earlier on the show, Lahmers excluded Seales when she congratulated the show for its 1,000th episode. "1,000 episodes. Does it feel like it's six seasons, already?" she said before turning to Seales with offhanded comment, "I mean not for you because you're a newbie."

Seales played it cool as she said to the camera, "But I been in this game for a long time." Co-host Loni Love comforted her, giving her a nod of approval and holding her hand. Meanwhile, Lahmers just brushed it off with a laugh and continued with her chatters.

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