Amanda Seales Accuses 'The Real' of Copying Her Game Show for 'Low Class' New Segment

In season 7 premiere of the daytime talk show, co-host Loni Love also addresses Amanda and Tamera Mowry's exit and promises that the new season will be 'amazing.'

AceShowbiz - "The Real" former co-host Amanda Seales wasn't a fan of the talk show's season 7 premiere on Monday, September 21. Taking to her Instagram account, Amanda called out the show for ripping off her game show "Smart Funny & Black" for its new segment called "Black Lives Matter University".

In the post, Amanda pointed out the similarities between her show and the segment, which saw contestants answering questions related to Black and pop culture. Sharing a screenshot of the episode featuring Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon and new co-host Garcelle Beauvais, Amanda wrote in the caption, "Once again therealdaytime demonstrates its low class and even lower vibration."

"Just so we're clear, this is an EGREGIOUS bite of my 'Smart Funny & Black' brand in an attempt to bring black awareness into the programming of The Real," she continued. "They couldn't find ANY OTHER WAY to do this without it being a bite of my creation."

She added, "Yes, I'm saying this on social media because the CONTINUED thievery of black people's work (even when supported by other BIPOC) needs to be called the F out and also because this is the most energy I'll give it before going on with my day and creating more dopeness that will inevitably be pilfered by the less talented/ethical/ancestrally connected individuals of our species. Happy Monday. VOTE!" Concluding her rant, Amanda wrote, "[Knowing networks, they did this bcuz they knew I'd post and it would boost ratings.]"

In the episode, Loni also addressed Amanda and Tamera Mowry's exit from the show. "Tamera Mowry-Housley is a founding member of 'The Real' and while we hated seeing her go, we were so excited that she will spend more time with her family and return to her first love of acting," she explained. "She'll be back soon to drop in and we look forward to that. We also had our girl Amanda Seales join us for a short time and we wish Amanda the very best in her future endeavors as well."

"Here at 'The Real', we are women who choose to work together," the comedian went on to say. "Our show is still the only panel on television with all women of color. And at this time in our country, we need as many diverse voices as possible on the air and making decisions behind the scenes, like our show has always done that." Loni also promised that season 7 will be an "amazing season" as "we will be bolder, stronger, and realer than ever before."

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