Lil Boosie Kicked Out of Gym Because of His Comments About Dwyane Wade's Transgender Daughter

The 'Youngest of da Camp' rapper rants on Instagram after he's barred from working out at a gym and fitness club for criticizing the retired Miami Heat star.

AceShowbiz - Lil Boosie was banned from Planet Fitness. He ranted on Instagram, claiming he got kicked out of the gym and fitness club due to his controversial comments about Dwyane Wade's transgender daughter Zaya.

He called for a boycott of the gym, "Do not go to Planet Fitness, they racist, they haters. They just put me out Planet Fitness for what I said about Dwyane Wade son." He added, "And they said I said in a video one of they employees was f****ts or some s**t."

On his caption, the rapper claimed the manager was gay. He additionally dissed the gym, "They have roaches, n they shower water don't get hot !! Get out ya feelings lil b***h... B***h u want a gay child but don't nobody want to have a baby for yo sissy a** now u mad."

One of Boosie's big defenders was his own son. "F**k DWayne and his son idc he gay my pops said what he said," the kid wrote on Instagram before adding, "Stop sending me that, I bet you won't say it to our face."

He also penned this message, "I know this chick that will do sum thangs to dwade son that will make that boy back str8."

Boosie previously slammed Dwyane for supporting his child's gender change. "That is a male. A 12-year-old. At 12, they don't even know what they next meal gon' be. They don't have s**t figured out yet. He might meet a woman, anything, at 16 and fall in love with her. But his dick be gone - how he gon' - like, bruh, you going too far, dawg," Boosie said.

"If he gay, let him be gay," the rapper added. "Don't address him as a woman, dawg. He's 12-years-old. dawg. He's - he's not there yet. He hasn't made his final decisions yet. Don't cut his f**kin d**k off, Dwyane Wade, bruh. You f**kin' trippin', dawg. You trippin' dawg."

Dwyane's wife and Zaya's stepmother Gabrielle Union responded by liking a tweet that read, "I wish y'all would keep the lid closed on Boosie's trash a** Instagram. It stinks in here every time someone opens it."

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