Brittany Gonzales takes to Instagram to share how she and her actor husband cope with losing their baby at 6 months pregnant, saying, 'It takes a LOT of work to soften your heart after you’ve let it go hard.'

AceShowbiz - Kellan Lutz's wife has openly reflected on her miscarriage at six months. More than a week after she and her "Twilight" actor husband lost their first child together, Brittany Gonzales shared on social media how the two of them cope with this difficult time in their life.

On Sunday, February 16, the 31-year-old took to Instagram to pour out her feeling over the tragedy. "Throughout the last two weeks I've worked SO hard to remain soft," she confided. "As much as I'm tired of falling apart, and want to be done finding myself crying in a ball on the floor, if I allowed myself to fall into the temptation to shut down, I know I'd be missing those special moments that have made me smile and laugh and feel happy again."

In the beginning of her post, Gonzales admitted that she initially tempted to go into survival mode and shut herself down. "But when you shut yourself off to pain, you also shut yourself off to the things that can bring you joy too," she explained why she chose not to. "I've done that in the past. More than once. I can tell you from experience it takes a LOT of work to soften your heart after you've let it go hard."

Despite the pain she suffered, Gonzales claimed to find comfort in God. "Today Kel and I were walking after church and I saw this sidewalk full of hearts," she recalled. "Instead of being numb to avoid all the things that remind me of being pregnant just two short weeks ago, I was able to see a sidewalk full of hearts as a little hug for my heart letting me know God's got us. He's not done writing my story."

Gonzales further used the opportunity to encourage others who also went through dark times. "Like my doctor said the day I found out our sweet baby girl didn't have a heartbeat anymore: 'This isn't the end of your story. This is just a crappy chapter, but you're going to get through this,' " she shared. "If you're having a crappy chapter, this isn't the end of your story either! You're gonna get through this. But keep your soft heart! The world needs it!"

Earlier this month, Gonzales' husband Lutz broke the sad news that they lost their baby daughter. Calling his wife a "Wonder Woman" in his social media post about her miscarriage, the "FBI: Most Wanted" actor informed fans that they have gone through a "crazy rollercoaster of a week with a lot of emotions."

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