Remy Ma Says Brittney Taylor Has 'Problems', Makes Fun of Her 'Deformation' Misspelling

During the interview, Remy also set the record straight about her relationship with [c=Eve] or any other female rappers, insisting that she really doesn't 'have any issues with any of the women.'

AceShowbiz - Remy Ma's life has been good with her baby and husband Papoose. The TV star, who is no longer facing jail time over her former "Love & Hip Hop: New York" co-star Brittney Taylor's assault accusation, opens up about the drama during her appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show" on Tuesday, February 11.

"The case was totally dismissed, totally. Get it out of my courtroom," Remy shared to the host. "I don't wanna say her name because she might try to sue me for 'deformation.' That's how she spelled it," she continued, clowning Brittney who misspelled the word "defamation" in an Instagram post in which she blasted Remy for bringing up the case on the show.

"I just feel like, a lotta times when you're in the public eye, there's a target on you," the rapper said. "I think she has her own problems with herself. I don't' think it's specific with me because I didn't do anything to the girl. That's what she's doing. I have bigger and better things going on than to worry about [her]."

During the interview, Remy also set the record straight about her relationship with Eve or any other female rappers. "I really don't have any issues with any of the women," she said. "I think that right now, is a great space for women in hip hop in general and the problem is that sometimes I think it's the other people on the outside that's like, 'Oh, don't work with her because you're gonna get her higher' or 'Don't work with her cause you don't need her.' "

"It's never really the women. When I met City Girls they were super cool. I talk to [Cardi B] all the time and we run into we have mutual friends, but it's like when it comes to working together, it's other people that have their hands in it," she continued.

Additionally, Remy teased that the upcoming season of REVOLT TV's "State of the Culture" would be different than other shows. She credited it to co-hosts, Joe Budden, Jinx and Eboni K. Williams, who keep it unfiltered and raw.

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