Brittney Taylor Snaps at Remy Ma Over 'LHH: New York' Mention of Her Assault Scandal

People, however, don't take Brittney's lengthy Instagram rent towards her former 'Love and Hip Hop: New York' co-star as they troll Brittney for her spelling errors instead.

AceShowbiz - Brittney Taylor wants everyone to leave her alone after she accused Remy Ma of attacking her in April 2019. That's why when the rapper brought the issue back in the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop: New York", Brittney quickly took to her Instagram account to vent.

Sharing footage of the Monday, February 3 episode of the VH1 show, Brittney accused Remy of "deformation of character." She later wrote a lengthy message in a separate post, explaining why who was disappointed to see her case being discussed on the show while she tried to move on.

"I'm in such a better place and space in my life," Brittney wrote. "It's a shame I have to watch this bs on TV. The Sad part is I've completely moved on. I left it alone. But Them people know what they did. It's sad af that they're really Making it seem like I did things for clout."

"You people Still Bashing my name on national Television is crazy," she continued. "I went through enough over that situation. I'm literally traumatized! I'm a bigger and better person. I've been violated enough. Stop milking it. And Just let a young n***a be."

People, however, didn't take her anger seriously and rather trolled Brittney for her spelling errors. "If you can't spell it, you shouldn't be able to sue for it," one said, referring to Brittney writing "deformation" instead of defamation. "still stuck on "deformation," one other added.

Someone else, meanwhile, wondered if Brittney knew if the episode wasn't filmed in the recent days. "anybody gonna tell her that it's not like they filmed it yesterday or something...," a fan commented. Another comment read, "If she's not bothered, why is she sitting at home watching the show??"

Brittney made headlines back in 2019 after she called out Remy, claiming that her former "LHH: New York" co-star assaulted her at a New York City Cancer benefit concert for no reason at all. She also shared an image of her sporting an apparent painful black eye.

Remy insisted that the said incident never happened. Fat Joe, who was also performing at the concert, backed her by saying that Remy never touched Brittney. Still, Remy was charged with assault though it was dropped in early December 2019.

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