YK Osiris Called 'Corny' for Defending His $500 Haircut

The 'Valentine' rapper claims people are 'mad' at him for getting a $500 haircut, while social media users keep saying that he's probably got tricked into paying much more than he should have for it.

AceShowbiz - YK Osiris has no regret about paying $500 to get a haircut and has taken to his social media account to defend it. In a series of short videos which have surfaced online, the "Worth It" spitter ranted against people who have allegedly blasted him for paying that much for his most recent haircut.

"Y'all be mad 'coz I pay $500 for my haircut?" he said while stroking his head, explaining that he tried to make sure his haircut straight. In another clip, he fired back at his haters, "Y'all rant about Osiris this, Osiris that... Y'all should make a song out of my name, motherf**ker."

But Osiris's response to people's comments on his expensive haircut only earned him more negative reactions. One person called him "so corny" for defending his haircut, while another accused him of trying to "stay relevant."

A third user trolled him, "This man aint never had a barber and it shows (a clown emoji)." Another was concerned about the 21-year-old's finance as predicting, "He finnah go broke off hair cuts."

Some others believe that Osiris was tricked into paying much more than he should have for his haircut. "Imagine accusing people of being mad at you because YOU got finessed," one remarked. Another added, "That don’t hide the fact the the barber played you like a uno card homie." Someone else similarly commented, "$500 haircut buddy getting robbed."

The "Valentine" rapper, whose real name is Osiris Williams, was also roasted for paying ten times more than others would for the same style. "It's not the fact it's $500 it's the fact it looks like a regular $15," one said of the Florida-born star's haircut. Another wrote, "I know some barbers that can do a better job than that for $30, he definitely got finessed." Someone else claimed, "I could get the same cut for $25."

This isn't the first time Osiris was bragging about splurging his money for his haircut. Back in January 2019, he bragged on Twitter about paying "1,000 for my haircut." He was also trolled at the time, with one saying, "Id be embarrassed to admit that," and another commenting, "S**t better last your whole life."

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