Nick Cannon on Eminem 'Blatantly' Dissing Black Girls on His Songs: It's 'Institutional Racism'
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This arrives after the 'Masked Singer' host accused the Slim Shady of turning to botox to make him be able to age 'gracefully' as he rapped about it in his diss track 'Pray for Him'.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon continues slamming Eminem despite the lack of response from the rapper. The "Canceled: Invitation" spitter discussed the unreleased tune from Em which he recorded back in 1988. In the snippet, which was featured on "Canceled: Invitation", Em could be heard dissing black girls.

"Very racist, beyond racist," Nick said of the record during an interview with VLADTV. "If you listen to the entire song, it's clearly a song where he's blatantly disrespecting black queens. Not beating around the bush, what he said is, 'Black girls are b****es, black girls are dumb. They only want your money.' "

Vlad then said there were allegedly more early songs from Eminem with questionable content. "Yeah," "The Masked Singer" host responded. "[That's] where he's saying n***a and all that s**t."

Nick then voiced his disappointment seeing people defending the track while someone else could have been "canceled" if they did the same thing. "You know what the defense was? 'He already apologized for that,' " the 39-year-old ranted. "Probably the weakest apology ever, 'I was young and I had a black girlfriend who cheated on me and I was mad.' ... He's sorry for his individual racism, definitely, I believe he's sorry for saying for the things he said when he was younger. But he's not sorry for institutional racism, because he's a product of it."

This arrives after Nick accused the Slim Shady of turning to botox to make him be able to age "gracefully" as he rapped about it in his diss track "Pray for Him". Discussing the matter with Vlad, Nick pointed out, "Eminem doesn't look the same as the way he once looked."

He continued revealing the alleged evidence, "The proof is in the pudding. It could be the years of drug use. You know, we don't want to make fun of none of that. It seems like he's on the right path but something going on. His s**t's getting tighter and tighter as the years go by."

In another portion of the interview, Nick addressed the claims that he was being homophobic when he alleged that Em let his chauffeur perform oral sex on him. "Some people were saying I was being homophobic. I was like, 'I'm not scared of him sucking d**k. There's nothing scary about it, if that's what you like,' " he insisted. "I was like, 'Bring all your boyfriends to the show. Come to the show muthaf**ka.' "

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