Jennifer Lopez and 'Hustlers' Dragged by Academy Voter Following Criticisms Over Oscar Snub
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An anonymous male producer and an unnamed actress share their 'brutally honest' thoughts on the movies that receive nominations at this year's Academy Awards.

AceShowbiz - When the Oscar nominations were announced in January, The Academy faced backlash for excluding Jennifer Lopez from the list. While many people felt her performance in "Hustlers" was brilliant and deserved a recognition, a male producer who's a member of The Academy thought otherwise.

In The Hollywood Reporter's annual "brutally honest Oscar ballot," the voter said, "f**k J.Lo. I'm allergic to that movie. It isn't a movie about 'empowering' women; it's a movie about slipping a**hole men roofies and f**king jacking them. Roger Corman made better stripper films - they had some meaning."

The producer was not a fan of Harriet Tubman movie either. "Cynthia [Erivo] was really, really good, but Harriet didn't really have the guts that 12 Years a Slave had," he lamented. "It was like the glossy Disney version of what slavery was."

Meanwhile, a female Oscar member called "Little Women", of which director Greta Gerwig was among this year's snub, "badly acted and confusing." In her brutally honest commentaries, the anonymous actress criticized the casting, "I have no idea why they cast four British actresses to play American girls."

While Emma Watson and Florence Pugh are indeed British, Saoirse Ronan is in fact Irish-American and Eliza Scanlen is actually Australian.

The voter additionally had a problem with the poverty portrayed in the period drama, "Every time they said they were poor, I gagged - they're living in a beautiful two-story house, and they have a cook."

She also criticized "The Irishman", "If someone besides Martin Scorsese had directed The Irishman, it wouldn't have all the accolades; it does because of his years in the business. It was too long and too repetitive, and the reverse-aging did not work - they erased the lines in their faces, but they still walked like old men."

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