Mel B's Ex-Husband Files for Full Custody of Their Daughter
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Stephen Belafonte is seeking full custody of his eight-year-old daughter Madison after accusing the Spice Girls star of subjecting the little girl to verbal and psychological abuse.

AceShowbiz - Mel B's ex-husband Stephen Belafonte is stepping up their nasty custody battle by seeking full legal and physical custody of their eight-year-old daughter.

Belafonte, who divorced the Spice Girls star in 2017, claims he has become young Madison's sole caregiver, taking care of her for much of 2018 and 2019, because the singer has spent the majority of her time back in her native U.K.

The former couple had previously agreed to share custody of the girl in a 2018 agreement, but in December 2019, Belafonte successfully objected to plans for his ex, full name Melanie Brown, to take Madison to London to spend the holidays, amid fears for her wellbeing.

He alleged the child had been left "traumatised" by her mum the last time they were in London, a claim which won him his request to keep their daughter in Los Angeles, where the family had been based before their split.

Now, in addition to full custody, Belafonte is asking to be allowed to make all parental decisions regarding topics like schooling and medical care, and for Mel B to only be allowed visitation with Madison in L.A. - while being supervised at all times.

In court papers obtained by TMZ, Belafonte accuses the pop star of subjecting Madison to verbal and psychological abuse, pressuring her to give up dirt on her father by making her "sit in a dark room and repeatedly question her over and over."

According to the producer, the interrogation made the youngster begin to fear her mum, "(Madison) also told me that she was afraid her mother would hurt her," he states in the legal filing.

Mel B, who also has two older daughters from previous relationships, has yet to respond to the custody requests.

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