The actress playing Selina Meyer in the political satire series can't help but take a jab at the President for his congratulatory tweet to the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl win.

AceShowbiz - Julia Louis-Dreyfus misses starring in "Veep" every time U.S. President Donald Trump makes a gaffe.

Since he became President in 2016, Trump has been criticised and mocked for his bizarre tweets, with the latest blunder a tweet congratulating the Kansas City Chiefs on winning the Super Bowl, but mistakenly claiming the city was in Kansas rather than Missouri.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres, the "Seinfeld" star said seeing Trump make a fool of himself makes her miss playing "Veep"'s hapless deputy turned failed president Selina Meyer.

"I have to tell you," she explained. "If I were doing 'Veep' right now, it would be really fun to script those 12 minutes between him launching the tweet and it getting deleted," Julia said. "What an idiot! It's so humiliating."

However, Louis-Dreyfus would have mixed feelings about returning to "Veep", which concluded after seven seasons last year, as she thinks the show struggled to top Trump for political outlandishness.

On whether the President's antics make her want to reprise her Emmy-winning role, she added: "It does and it doesn't. I mean, I have to say, I think he's doing a better job of our show, except to say that it in fact isn't even remotely funny. It does make me miss it. It was super funny. It's just hard to compete with that c**p."

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