'AGT': Nick Cannon Supports Gabrielle Union Amid Terry Crews Debacle

Current host Terry Crews previously insisted that he would never stand up for Gabrielle, who was reportedly fired because she raised concerns about racism and toxic culture on the show.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon is weighing on the controversy surrounding Gabrielle Union's firing from "America's Got Talent". In a new interview with VLADTV, Nick, who previously served as a host on the NBC show, shows that he was sticking by Gabrielle's side.

"It was some eye-opening events that occurred that really shed light on some cultural insensitivities -- ultimately, when it comes to women, when it comes to how the show is produced," Nick said on January 28.

He continued, "I believe, as a producer -- I was over at 'AGT' for a damn near decade -- you kinda see these things as a giant machine, but if you really take the time to step back, you see some things that are truly not fair… It’'s an institutional issue."

Nick later addressed Gabrielle and current host Terry Crews' debacle after the latter insisted that he would never stand up for Gabrielle, who was reportedly fired because she raised concerns about racism and toxic culture on the show, because he never got such experience while working on "America's Got Talent". "I love Terry Crews, but it gets to that place... again it's an institutional thing, so I'm not blaming him," Nick said of the situation.

"We get excited about the occupation, we get excited to work for the man and we gon' defend the man cause he gave me a job," Nick went on adding. "It don't matter what you saw because I stood firmly by him when my former agent accosted him... Especially when it comes to our queens, when it comes to Gabby, I don't care. Whatever she said, if it happened, I'm rocking with you."

Terry previously said on "3rd Hour of Today", "First of all I can't speak for sexism because I'm not a woman, but I can speak on behalf on any racism comments," he said. "That was never my experience on 'America's Got Talent', in fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment. The Top 10 acts were asian, women, older, younger, black, white, it was everything in the gamut."

He continued, "When you look at what the allegations were about, it was given by an unnamed source. My thing is - it's funny because I believe you should listen to women, you should always believe women so I asked my wife what I should do. She was like, 'first of all, if it's coming from an unnamed source - because Gabrielle Union has not made any statement to this day about any of these allegations publicly - …if she hasn't made a statement, why would you?' "

In response, Gabrielle fired back on Twitter, saying that there was an investigation going on regarding the issues and she waited for it to be completed before speaking out. She wrote, "Truth telling, wanting change & having MULTIPLE witnesses who bravely came forward to let EVERYONE know I didn't lie or exaggerate, really exposes those who enthusiastically will throw you under the bus, forgetting quickly who stepped up 4 THEIR truth."

"Can someone please ask abt what happens to all that diversity folks are talking about BEHIND THE SCENES. Like, legit... where the hell is all that diversity in the production though homie? In the decision making ranks who control the fate of the diversity in front of the camera?" the wife of Dwyane Wade added.

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