Irv Gotti May Admit His Involvement in E-Money Bags' Murder

The 'Growing Up Hip Hop: New York' star accidentally implicates himself in the 2001 murder of the rapper, who had earlier robbed him, Chris Gotti and Ja Rule.

AceShowbiz - Irv Gotti might let it slip about his alleged involvement in the death of rapper E-Money Bags. During an appearance on Nore's "Drink Champ" podcast, the record producer/reality TV star talked about the events leading up to the 2001 murder of the rapper in between his drinks.

Drug kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff was found guilty of ordering the killing of E-Money Bags. Fed claimed he ordered the murder because he allegedly robbed Irv, his brother Chris Gotti and Ja Rule.

Later, in legendary rapper Prodigy's autobiography, the Murder Inc artist claimed Ja Rule's labelmate Cadillac Tah was the one who set the men up and informed E-Money Bags about the three men's whereabouts.

Part of the book read, "In his Navigator the next day, Bags passed me his pager and told me to look at the message. It was from Ja Rule's labelmate Cadillac Tah: 'They're over here right now, come get 'em.' Cadillac was referring to Ja and Irv. 'You see that, right?' Bags turned to me and said. 'Their own man lined them up for me. We just robbed them n***as for their chains.' "

Back to his appearance on Nore's podcast, Irv talked about Cadillac Tah and E-Money Bags, during which he said, "That thing with Caddy ... Cause [they said] that n***a was texting the other side where we was at. And there was an incident, that I ain't gonna explain, that's too gangster for Drink Champs, that made us all wonder - how did they know where we was at?"

"So when Prodigy [wrote] that, he put the pieces of the puzzle together - [as to] why this group of n***a knew where we was gonna be at," he continued, before adding, "And they did some s**t, that they paid for."

Many believe that Irv's last sentence was referring to E-Money Bags' murder and subsequently implicating himself in the death of the rapper.

E-Money Bags died in July 2001 after he was shot 10 times while he sat in his parked car. While Irv was never charged for the murder of E-Money Bags, in 2003 he and his brother Chris faced charges of money laundering in connection with alleged financial transactions associated with Supreme. They, however, were acquitted of all charges in December 2005.

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