Jordyn Woods' Mom Shuts Down Daughter's New Butt Speculations: 'We Have A** Naturally'

Jordyn's mom Elizabeth Woods apparently catches the wind of the wild rumors and to set the records straight, she takes to Instagram comment section to give people some facts.

AceShowbiz - It seems like fans have a lot of doubts when it comes to Jordyn Woods' body. After she was accused of Photoshopping her photos to make herself slimmer, the 22-year-old social media stars creates buzz on Internet with her alleged "new butt."

Fans noticed that something about Jordyn looked different following her Jamaican vacay for Lori Harvey's 23rd birthday. They suspected that Jordyn underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift, when a patient gets a BBK, doctors liposuction fat from the patient's stomach area, and injects it into the butt.

"Whose ur surgeon," a user asked under her recent Instagram post. "Oh you just confirmed you got work done," another fan commented.

Jordyn's mom Elizabeth Woods apparently caught the wind of the wild rumors. Setting the records straight, she took to Instagram comment to give people some facts, clarifying that both of them were natural. "Jordyn is my daughter which means she has my genetics," she wrote.

"We have a** naturally! No one has gotten any butt lifts..this is one of the craziest things that I keep reading..let's focus on important things everyone and make a positive change," Elizabeth added.

Jordyn was previously accused of digitally altering her photos to make herself look slimmer after videos from her Jamaican vacation with her friends surfaced online. In the video shared on Normani Kordei's Instagram Stories, Jordyn was seen documenting their fun party as Lori Harvey was busy posing for pictures.

Seeing the video, people couldn't help but point out that the "Life of Kylie" alum looked bigger than how she was usually seen in her pictures. This led them to think that she might be Photoshopping herself.

One said, "She's a beautiful girl but she facetunes 25-30lbs off her body every picture she posts," while another commented, "Jordyn is wide AF. The Photoshop she does on her picture is funny because her Shadow always give it away." Someone else wrote, "Wow!! I've always found it weird how different she looked in other people's pictures, especially that picture with her and [Megan Thee Stallion]."

Jordyn has yet to address the rumors. However, she previously revealed in an interview with Teen Vogue that she wasn't bothered with other people's opinions. "Everyone always has something to say. Everyone has an opinion and as long as you're happy in who you are and what you're doing, that's all that matters," Jordyn shared.

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