Kodak Black's Mother Tearfully Addresses Fear for Son's Safety in Prison
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The rapper's mother Marlene Simmons has hired high-profile lawyer Benjamin Crump, who represented Trayvon Martin's family, to make sure that her son 'is okay' and doesn't die in prison.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black's situation in prison that allegedly threatens his life is apparently so serious that his mother has to take matters into her hands. The rapper's mother Marlene Simmons has hired high-profile lawyer Benjamin Crump to make sure her son "is okay." Benjamin is famous for representing the family of Trayvon Martin in a case against his killer George Zimmerman in 2013.

On Wednesday afternoon, January 22, Marlene and Benjamin visited Kodak, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, at federal prison in Southwest Miami for a scheduled meeting and "welfare check." But as they arrived, they were told that he was at a bus that took him to another facility in Kentucky.

Speaking to the reporter, Marlene emotionally addressed her concern about her son's condition behind bars. "I want to make sure my son is okay. I want to make sure they don't kill my son," she tearfully said. "If they kill my son, if my son dies, I'm going to kill myself too. My son, after God, my son is life to me. My son is everything for me."

The attorney, Benjamin, believed Kodak's transfer earlier that day was not coincidence, saying, "We believe they intentionally moved him, so he couldn't meet with his attorneys." Kodak's mother and his legal team plan to take legal action on his behalf and plan to visit him in Kentucky.

Kodak previously took to Instagram to make claim about civil rights violation on him at the Miami Federal Department of Corrections. He named two authorities, Lieutenant F. Arroyo and Santiago Torres, in his allegations, claiming that he was beaten up, starved and denied medical care while serving his 46-month prison sentence for falsifying information on federal forms to purchase three firearms.

"They are strategically killing me slowly in here," he wrote in a January 16 Instagram post. "I have been humiliated over and over again. I am highly disappointed in the way they have treated not only me, but all the other inmates in this facility. With their self serving agenda they will always side with their fellow officers whether right or wrong."

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