Charlize Theron 'Infuriated' When Male Actors Call MeToo Movement 'Dangerous'
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The 'Bombshell' actress felt 'infuriated' when she overheard Hollywood male stars talking negatively about #MeToo movement following Harvey Weinstein scandal.

AceShowbiz - Charlize Theron has rejected claims the #MeToo movement has led to an "over-correction" in how sexual harassment is treated.

Powerful men's actions towards women have been a hot topic in Hollywood and beyond since the #MeToo movement was launched after multiple women accused Harvey Weinstein of misconduct, including sexual assault and rape, in 2017. He denies the allegations.

Charlize, who plays former Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly in "Bombshell", a movie exploring harassment allegations against the network's late chief Roger Ailes, rejected claims #MeToo has gone too far, saying changing their attitudes is the least men can do.

"I mean, listen, I feel like, in context, when you really look at it at from 30,000 feet in the sky, what's happened to women in toxic workplaces for years and years, a little over-correcting is the least we can do," she tells the BBC.

Production on "Bombshell", which also stars Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman, started in May 2017, five months before the Weinstein revelations, and Theron says it was strange making a film that was so relevant to the news cycle.

"This conversation is happening in real time, and I think without that this movie wouldn't have the power that it does," the actress, who was a victim of harassment early in her career, adds. "It was really strange to make the film and to slowly see these things all kind of unravel."

"I remember sitting in the make-up trailer and watching male actors talk negatively about this movement, that they thought was dangerous and was excluding men and was over-correcting, and it was infuriating."

"The Harvey thing happened and that was really big, and when the tapes of the women were released, I think that's when we realised that we were part of telling a story which was somewhat the origin story of this whole movement, and we didn't know that before."

"Bombshell" is in cinemas now.

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